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BHS Gallery Walk 2020

When COVID-19 took out the monthly Gallery Walk, in stepped the Brattleboro Historical Society to save the day. Did we succeed? Of course not. COVID-19 sucks.


Brattleboro Historical Society Gallery Walk 2020

There’s a cool tradition in Brattleboro (the town in Vermont, where I live). On the first Friday of each month the town organizes an art-crawl of sorts, as visual artists display their work and venues downtown. It’s evolved into a monthly street festival, of sorts. Businesses will stay open late. Musicians entertain. Restaurants feed folks.

COVID-19 put the kibosh on the whole scene.

In August a virtual concept emerged and downtown locals were encouraged to create video content for a “virtual Gallery Walk.”

I was asked to produce a video about the role of The Brattleboro Historical Society in our community. The results are found below.

Can online events replace beloved local events? 


Aug 7, 2020
Brattleboro Historical Society


Video Production

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