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The View from Two Wheels

Some of these photos may give the impression that I know what I’m doing with a camera. Rest assured, I do not. But the news about photography is all good, unless you’re a professional photographer.

You don’t need a lot of photographic knowledge to take good photos, because modern cameras are insane. We still need to compose our shots, but the cameras take it from there. They figure out the focal length; lighting; aperture. All that stuff. It takes about a second for a camera to figure out what you want, and they often get it completely correct.

I’m not a photographer, but I do take photos.




Elev Gain ft

It’s Just Fun.

Ride The Bike

I started biking about 3 years ago because it was fun. It’s still fun. More fun than writing this history of my biking life, I’ll tell you that.

Recent Travels

I ride in pretty much the same places, everyday.

Don’t Fuck it Up

Don’t Fuck it Up

The liberal application of gallows humor in the face of family tragedy. In MemoriamWhat do you do after someone awesome dies? You go on a long-ass ride.If you fuck up something so badly that it actually gets you killed, you will be on the receiving end of some gallows...

Good Enough

Good Enough

It was around 15 degrees F., when this photo was taken. It was about 16 degrees the second before it was taken, and it was about 14 degrees, the second after it was taken. The Sun, its work done, as far as we were concerned, had departed, along with its miserly,...

Not Equal to the Task!

Not Equal to the Task!

August 7, 2019, Main St., Brattleboro, VTThis was the kind of storm that felt personal. It just killed me. The whole ride was like a firehose to the face. But when it stopped, I recalled that the drainage on Main Street just really sucks, and might present an...