Words on the Water

Anatomy of a Failed Vision


Words on the Water

It was originally called the “Roundtable Regatta.”

The Brattleboro Words Project had been holding monthly talks on local, historical topics, dubbed “Roundtables.” The idea was to create an interactive dynamic. Subject-matter experts would give a presentation, and then open up the room for a group discussion.   

It’s a fantastic format that always yielded new information for the audeince and subject experts alike. 




Getting Creative


We toyed with the idea of setting up the Roundtable discussions in all kinds of settings. One day I was kayaking through the confluence of the West River and Connecticut River and a phrase popped into my bean: Rountable Regatta. Let’s do a talk about the waterways of Brattleboro on the rivers of Brattleboro! It wasn’t an easy sell.



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If I go too many days without riding up there I start to miss Rice Farm Road like a person. Also, the road itself will get surprisingly annoyed if I go too long without a visit. I can gauge HOW annoyed based on when it decides to start chatting. If it’s 2/3 of the way...